Tuesday, March 20, 2012

creative hiatus

Creativity withers and dies in the shadow of my impending move across the country.  I keep hoping to pick up sticks or make something fun in the kitchen, but sadly, I just continue packing up boxes for Goodwill.

I do want to update that the limoncello is FABULOUS.  I have only managed to drink it straight up *oh the shame* but it tastes divine.  I look forward to making more 'cellos and sampling some concoctions created with this delicious liqueur.

I leave you with my latest offerings.

socks, completed about 2 weeks ago

In different light

Pie for Pi Day!  A blueberry cupcake creation that would have benefited from a tablespoon of cornstarch to soak up the inevitable juice of frozen blueberries.  It was, nonetheless, yummy!

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  1. I'm sorry - is there another way to enjoy Limoncello?? ;)